Secure your crypto private keys.

Permanent, fireproof, waterproof

Introducing ST33L Crypto Slate

Secure offline storage for your private keys, passwords, and crytocurrency recovery seed

Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistant 304 stainless construction


Survives up to 1200 C / 2100 F, better than class 350.4 fireproof safe


Withstands corrosion from fresh and salt water

Handmade walnut case

Includes a beautiful walnut case for character tile storage

Padlock compatible

Use your own padlock to secure the ST33L slate from theft or opening.

Heavy duty construction

Over 650 grams of steel, built to last.

Why Do I need ST33L?

ST33L Crypto Slate provides indestructible backup for offline storage of private keys, passwords and wallet recovery seeds. Your keys are for your eyes only. With over 1.5 pounds of high grade stainless steel, your private text will remain secure.

As our society becomes more dependent on digital assets, a physically secure method to safeguard these valuables is more important than ever. Paper backups can get worn out, burned, or water damaged. ST33L is impervious to salt water, extreme high temperatures / fire, and physical impact. It is the most secure text storage available today.

Whether you are storing your Bitcoin / Altcoin BIP39 recovery seed, bank passwords, or other private keys, ST33L provides a permanent and secure vault for your secret text storage.

How do I use ST33L?

ST33L Crypto Slate is easy to use. You can store up to 144 characters of text and special characters in minutes:

  • 1. Place the included steel text tiles into ST33L's text channels. ST33L stores up to 144 characters.
  • 2. Use the included driver tool to attach the top plate.
  • 3. Slide the ST33L slate into the protective outer steel sheath for long term storage.
  • 4. That's it, your private text is protected! Lock with your own optional padlock for added protection.


Pre-order your ST33L crypto slate today! ST33L will begin ship in March 2018, but your credit card will be charged at the time of order. Each ST33L slate comes with:

  • ST33L slate, stores up to 144 characters
  • Over 500 character tiles
  • Premium hardwood storage case for tiles and included tool
  • Lifetime warranty

ST33L Crypto Slate


  • Pre-order, ships March 2018
  • lifetime warranty
  • Free ground shipping in the US
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What is ST33L made of?

ST33L Crypto Slate and the engraved text tiles are made of high grade, 304 stainless steel. It is impervious to fire, physical impact, and water. The full ST33L slate and outer protective sheath weigh over 1.5 pounds for maximum protection of your valuable secret text.

ST33L also includes a hardwood walnut wooden box with brass hardware for storage of the text tiles and driver tool.

What kind of keys / text can I store?

ST33L stores up to 144 characters of text - you can store any format you choose:

Bitcoin private keys in BIP39 format
Bank account numbers, passwords or PIN codes
Insurance account numbers
GPS coordinates

Will it work with Ledger Nano S hardware wallet?

Yes. Ledger Nano S seed recovery key uses BIP39 format (24 words in length). ST33L can store 144 characters. This leaves more than enough space for your Ledger Nano S seed recovery key.

Will it work with Trezor hardware wallet?

Yes. Trezor hardware wallet seed recovery key uses BIP39 format (24 words in length). ST33L can store 144 characters. This leaves more than enough space for your Trezor hardware wallet seed recovery key.

Is ST33L heat / fire proof?

Yes. ST33L will withstand temperatures up to 2100 F / 1200 C, which is hotter than a house fire. This exceeds the performance of UL class 350 4-hour fire rating, used by most top rated fire safes. In other words, ST33L is an excellent solution for fireproof text storage.

What is your warranty / return policy?

We strand behind our ST33L product, 100%. You can return your ST33L Crypto Slate to us if you are unsatisfied, for any reason. Just contact our support email to initiate the return process.

Specifications - size and weight?

ST33L size is 134 x 115mm, and 7mm thick, with the full slate installed inside the outer protective steel sheath. The included hardwood walnut box is 134 x 115 x 13mm. ST33L weighs 640g (1.4lb).

If I order now, when does my ST33L ship?

We are in early manufacturing phase now, and will have the first batch of ST33L Crypto Slates ready to ship by early March 2018. We're shipping on a first come, first served basis. Thanks for your support for our project!

ST33L Photos

ST33L as seen in the wild...

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